Welcome to the only studio musician registry where we are building a database to connect session players to recording studios and vice-versa. First and foremost this is a free service that we make available to any studio quality musician as well as any recording studio.


This is the place to be so that industry people needing quality musician services can access information and possibly find you, to hire you, to record you.

We are building this registry out of necessity, as a studio, finding the right musician for the job is difficult at best, so as we grow our personal studio database of great talent, why not share them with everyone.

We are taking our time to develop this section of our website, after all we want the best so your honesty and accurate information is key to you getting a paying gig in a recording studio. Obviously, our name is on the line with you here, so we are going to do what we can to insure the accuracy of the information provided.

Please remember, this is a public website and the information you share on this site is available to anyone that is granted access to the database. The actual registry is password protected and once you are registered we will send you what you need to access the database, once we have verified all the necessary information.

Menace Recording Studio is not responsible for third party interactions in anyway. This is a free service that allows musicians to connect with recording studios and vice-versa. While we love to hear about your experiences and it helps keep our system current, we can not be held responsible for these interactions. Use the system to your advantage, that is what we designed it for, to help studios find quality musicians and musicians to find quality studios that pay for their services. To report abuse of this system, please do so immediately. Email: dennis@menacerecordingstudio.coms

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