Not What you were expecting...

Our Rates are structured different from any other studio you will ever deal with, we do not work on a per hour rate for recording your music. Take a look below to see how you should pay for recording time in a studio.

Singer / Songwriter

1 Instrument | Vocals

$150.00 per song.

Flat rate recording is the future. This rate includes full mixing service to your satisfaction. A completed, unmastered .wav and .Mp3 file of you song and storage for 1 year.

3-4 Piece Band

4 Instruments + Vocals

$350.00 per song.

Multi-Track recording of vocals, back-up vocals and up to 4 instruments performed by your musicians. A completed, unmastered .wav and .Mp3 file of you song and storage for 1 year.

Karaoke Singer

One vocal track


That's right you can sing on your favorite karaoke single and we will mix the track to your satisfaction. A completed, unmastered .wav and .Mp3 file of you song.

5-7 Piece Band

7 Instruments + Vocals


A completed, unmastered .wav and .Mp3 file of you song and storage for 1 year.

Additional Services Offered:

Menace Recording Studio is a full service studio, if you can dream it, we can record it. Here are some additional services we offer:

Our rates and policies are not only competitive but insure you a quality end product produced by the very best in the music industry.     Bottom line is we are not happy until you are happy. We do not ask you to accept what we ourselves would not. Your project is our priority and we strive to use your time as wisely as ours.     We are here to help you be the best creator, artist and musician we can, so never hesitate to ask for our help or tell us to shut the hell up.

We have a wide-range of talent for you to choose from. Piano to Steel Guitar, Backup Vocals to Oboe, you name it, we have the musician for the job. Additional musicians are $125.00 per song, per musician. They play until you are happy, it’s your song, it’s your orchestra.

Final mix is FREE and inclusive with your per song flat fee. Mix to Master is another process all together and is $60.00 per song. Mastering is the process in which we “shine” your tone frequencies and is always required for any release for radio or for CD production.

A full award winning graphic design service is available to create those perfect CD jewel case designs to your specifications. Our graphics team is ready and CD design service is at $45.00 per hour, minimum 2 hours. Flyers & Posters as well as web graphics also available.

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