Dennis Phillips

Lead Guitar

Roy McCoy Drums

Kevin Gassen


Patriot Road has a full indoor and outdoor sound system as well as lights as needed.

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Party for Royal Pizza in Clifton, Texas.  as part of the FallFest event for the City of Clifton.

Wonkey Donkey July 4th Celebration in Calvert, Texas

Dylan Fulton

Vocals & Guitar

Alan Phillips

Bass Guitar

If it is the sound of Texas music that you are looking for, there is no need to look any further.

“It’s a country, rock, southern rock, blues sound,” said founding member Dennis Phillips formerly of the regional touring and Texas recording band Redneck Jedi. “We have such a diverse amount of music to draw from there is always something for everyone to enjoy at the show.”

Patriot Road performs cover music from all walks of the music genre, one minute they are performing Chris Stapleton, the next from Guns-n-Roses and they do them all with their style and flair. “We love everything out today from Texas red dirt to the Nashville hits, if it has soul we listen to it,” said drummer Roy McCoy.

Alan Phillips is on the bass guitar and by far one of the best bass players to have ever walked the Earth. "It's like having Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Stanley Clarke all rolled into one," said Roy. "I promise, between Alan and myself, the backbeat is in good hands."

Drawing from the vast collection of original music already recorded Patriot Road has begun putting together the material for a new single or two which fans are on the hunt for now but will have to wait just a little longer.

“We have several songs that are in that infancy state, which is when they are the most fun to write,” said Kevin Gassen. “They need a chorus here, a bridge over there. We have started and put on hold several times over the last year looking for just the right front guy and that time has come."

Enter Dylan Fulton, a vocal force to be reconned with. Dylan, from Hearne, Texas has been laying in wait for the right time to respond to a Craigslist post made by drummer Roy McCoy. Dylan answered the post and musical history is about to be unleashed.

"He is an instant fit for Patriot Road," said Dennis Phillips. "I have never performed with anyone that has such a pure natural talent as Dylan. We have so much in common musically that it would scare my wife."

Dylan, a songwriter shares the love of writing songs with Dennis and the rest of the band who are eager to get some new material out to the radio stations again.

"COVID-19 has been a nightmare, but for Patriot Road a bit of a blessing since we have a great new singer in Dylan, we can take a little while longer to get the show roadworthy," said Alan. The band intends to do just that. "We have the time to get it perfect, get a couple of new singles, and get the show the way we want our fans to see it," said Dennis.

“It’s all in one band,” said Kevin. “Our influences are so vast it spreads all decades and genres of music. It is always a blast to take a song that one member loves and just let the band have at it. I have never been apart of any band that could instantly turn a cover song into one of their own.”

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Vacation - Patriot Road
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Back To Me - Patriot Road
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Here's To Us - Patriot Road
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